We are Now offering Summit Camps every Monday-Friday!

Summit camps are offered every Monday- Friday 10am-2pm and 3pm-7pm


for a 1 day pass


for the whole week

What is included in every camp?

· Lots of jump time!
· Lunch/Dinner (pizza and any drink of their choice from our beverage coolers (Excluding coffee drinks/rockstars)

· Craft Time! Our crafts change often so they will be guaranteed a different craft each day.

· Snack Time! They may come up to the front counter and choose one item from our concessions rack.

Our staff is well trained in leading kids through crafts, serving up pizza, and monitoring them in the trampoline area.

Call or email us +1 803-570-8184 or

email info@summitwestcolumbia.com to reserve your spot today!